Our Services

Community Shelter

We provide a safe and secure environment for our homeless veterans.

Case Management

Mental health is important to us. That is why we provide dedicated case workers for our veterans with disabilities.

Mental Health

Your state of mind determines your life. This is why we have dedicated mental health counselors to keep our veterans in high spirits!

Rapid Rehousing

We work hard to find our veterans a permanent place to call home!

Our Vision

Our vision is to end veteran homelessness while offering the dignity
and respect that veterans deserve.

  • We believe there are two words which should never be used together: homeless veteran
  • We believe there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to veteran homelessness.
  • We are committed to working with these individuals and restore them in mind, body and spirit.
  • When they arrive in this Shelter, we address the presenting issues of addiction, mental health
    and PTSD as the barriers they are to safe and affordable housing.
  • Respecting the dignity of these men is central to our work of leading them back to a life of
    meaning and living a life that matters.
  • ┬áBecause of their dedicated service to our country LVS provides a safe haven for those veterans
    who find themselves without shelter and who need access to resources that can help them thrive
    in our community.